A Language Putin Understands

Following Russia’s overt intervention in eastern Ukraine late last month the rhetoric from Kiev has dramatically shifted in favor of peace, with President Petro Poroshenko himself¬†pushing legislation to grant the rebellious areas a high degree of autonomy. Vladimir Putin has been largely victorious, for he has accomplished his objective of weakening Ukraine, stalling its integration… More A Language Putin Understands

US special operations directing airstrikes against ISIS

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters along with Iraqi special forces have retaken the Mosul dam from ISIS, who¬†captured it earlier in the month. However, reports filed by journalists who visited the aftermath of the battle suggest that the Kurds and Iraqis were not alone: Several compounds bore the marks of airstrikes, their walls collapsed and blackened. A… More US special operations directing airstrikes against ISIS

The first amphibious assault in history?

In 55 BC, after several jolly years of massacring various Gallic and Germanic tribes, Julius Caesar found himself along Gaul’s Channel coast and within range of a tempting and lucrative target: Britain. The conquest of such a distant and reputedly wealthy island would bring great glory to Caesar, and thus he prepared a small amphibious… More The first amphibious assault in history?