Tuesday Morning Miscellaneous Madness

A few odds and ends:

Perhaps this company is more widely known that I assume, but if you’re looking for cheap books, I suggest the Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company, which offers some incredible bargains on hardcover books in every subject and flat-rate $3.50 shipping, no matter what the size of your order. Check and money order are the only forms of payment accepted, so all purchases must be initiated via an order form sent through the mail, but the prices and shipping rates makes it worth the extra hassle. The company only ships to addresses within the United States. Check out their website to search their inventory and request their famous “Bargain Books” catalogue.


Charles Hill, author of Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft and World Order, which I briefly reviewed in my last post, was interviewed on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson (h/t Isegoria). I recommend the interview to anyone that has read the book because he more clearly expounds on his central argument (the importance of literature to statecraft and the deficiencies of modern social science as training for future leaders) which frames – but is somewhat obfuscated by – the more specific literary criticism that constitutes the majority of his book. (All five parts of the interview are listed on the Uncommon Knowledge archive page).

At the end of the interview, Hill is asked which three books he thinks President Obama should read. Explaining why he offers the Aeneid as one recommendation, Hill comments:

It seems to me that President Obama is kind of like Aeneas. Aeneas wanders around and things happen to him; he doesn’t make things happen …  He never quite knows what his real mission is. He thinks he knows but he doesn’t know; he has to go to hell to find out and when he’s in hell his father, who is a shade there, tells him what his mission is. What we hope is President Obama doesn’t have to go to hell before he figures it out.


One last thing: whoever reached my blog by searching for “training wheel gandalf’s other job”…congratulations on the most bizarre search string I’ve ever seen.


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