Advice to the President

Maybe you shouldn’t have fired this guy:

I can’t help but think that McKiernan is currently pondering the metaphysical nature of poetic justice. He was terminated because – as a supposed representative of the “Big Army” – his career track made him poorly suited for  counterinsurgency warfare. The Administration needed a different sort of general: one that wasn’t afraid to think outside the box; who could grasp the intellectual complexities of COIN, implement the President’s “new strategy” in Afghanistan, and lead an Army – still populated by too many dumb Cold War relics like McKiernan – into the new generation of warfare. In short, the White House needed their own man in Afghanistan.

Well…they got him.


2 thoughts on “Advice to the President

  1. Since I have deliberately refrained from looking into it (I hate sensationalized matters) I can’t say who was in the wrong. I will however say that discipline is a serious matter.

    • Having read the Rolling Stone article – twice – I can say that I failed to notice any true insubordination on the part of McChrystal; the worst that can be said of him in the article is that he expressed dismay upon receiving an email from Holbrooke. Given the media furor that developed around the story, I can understand the President’s decision to accept his resignation; he would have seemed cowed by the military had he not done so.

      But I do find it slightly amusing that Obama terminated the career of McKiernan, a traditional officer (demure, unassuming, obedient, non-controversial) who was more than qualified to command the war in Afghanistan, and replaced him with one that turned out to be a political liability.

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