Favorite Ralph Peters quote of all time

“Marx was a pussy compared to Jesus.”

Referring to the revolutionary themes of the Sermon on the Mount during his 2009 Book TV interview.

Also, a brief note to my small but appreciated readership: I apologize for not posting anything in over month. I have been rather absorbed in the tedious application process for something that I hope to share in greater detail in the near future. I have a more substantive post currently in draft that will be published either later today or tomorrow, and following that I plan to write with greater frequency.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Ralph Peters quote of all time

  1. Don’t apologize mate. Real life matters more than blog life – particularly when you run a blog that is not a slave to whatever debate is the current one minute fad of the internet literati. (This is, IMHO, the one thing I dislike about the internet – it does not encourage reflection on the long scale. Bloggers wish to churn responses out while the news is still on the front pages. It does not lead to intelligent discourse.)

    • I agree completely. President Obama’s recent remarks about there being too much information were politically ill-timed, but they did have my sympathetic ear. However, I think that regular blogging, especially on these subjects, is very useful for keeping writing skills up to par. (And don’t worry; it was only a rhetorical apology.)

  2. I’ll agree in part about Jesus, but we should remember that Jesus today would have been the same as Marx*. That is to say, seen by modern standards both Jesus and Marx were social reformers. They had an ideal, saw that society was nowhere near that ideal, and argued loudly for society to reform itself. In doing so, they angered the conservative** leadership and caused ideological struggle. Also apparently both were rather good at debate.

    *I fully expect to be demonized for that by someone.
    **Conservative as in opposed to the revolutionary theories they were espousing. The Right can be just as revolutionary as the Left depending on the circumstances.

    • “I fully expect to be demonized for that by someone.”

      Hardly. In fact, your point is the exact same one that Peters was making. Relative to their times, Jesus was a far more radical revolutionary than Marx ever was.

      Peters actually comments a few moments later in the interview about how most Christians don’t like to acknowledge that fact.

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