Perfectly reputable employment practices in Fairfax

\"Get a lot of money\"

Despite two years worth of it back in high school, my Spanish is a bit rusty (read as: non-existent). Still, the meaning of “no necesitas # S Social, ni ingles” is pretty clear to me.

I photographed this a while back at a bus stop outside of a high-end neighborhood in Fairfax, and it gets A-marks for ingenuity, if not for legality.

So crude and simple…and yet so creepy…sort of like the All-Seeing Eye of Minimum Wage.

Illegal employment is rampant in the DC metro area; there is no ignoring that reality. And yet, before we lapse into a rant about the dangers of unchecked immigration, it is important to examine closely what we’re looking at in this picture. What I find most interesting is that none of the phone numbers had been taken (except, of course, for the one I tore off after I snapped the photo. Hey…I was short on cash at the time). In fact, there may not actually be anything illegal happening here.

Still, it probably wouldn’t hurt for I.C.E. to pay a visit to “Pedro” at 7700 Little River Turn Pike, Suite 404, Annandale VA, just to make sure he has his paperwork in order.